At last week’s Leaders Connect, Dunrie Greiling and I spoke on “Ten Steps to Meaningful Goals for 2017.”

Before you do any goal-setting, you should prepare by self-reflection and self-discovery.

One step in self-discovery is to find your blind spots. Just like the blind spots in car, which we learn to double check for safe driving, we humans have blind spots in our perception and understanding. Often, we know these failings, but they may sneak up on us in times of stress.

In this video snippet, you’ll learn:

  • what a blind spot is,
  • what can happen when we “step in” it, and
  • one of my own blind spots, the inverse of one of my strengths.

Then, you can participate at your desk in the exercise we did as a group to contemplate and discuss your blind spots. Be brave, find someone with whom to share if you dare!

Watch and let me know what you discovered about your blind spots and what you do to avoid “stepping in them”.

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