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For over 20 years Rob Pasick’s Leaders Connect has been a community learning and networking event for leaders from throughout Michigan. Gathering together in large and small groups are a diverse set leaders from a variety of sectors including: for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurial enterprises, universities, government agencies, and education.

Currently, Leaders Connect communities exist in Ann Arbor and Detroit. Activities include large group breakfast workshops where thought leaders from throughout the region gather to discuss their ideas with the members of the Leaders connect community.

Additionally, Dr. Rob hosts small groups of 10 to 12 leaders who meet monthly to discuss their leadership challenges.

Many of the past Leaders Connect events are available on Robs’s YouTube channel. Sponsors for Leaders Connect include Bank of Ann Arbor, Zingermans, Rehmann, and Office Evolution.

The list of distinguished speakers (of which there are too many to mention all) include:

  • Two University of Michigan Presidents (Mary Sue Coleman and Mark Schlissel)
  • Authors (including Jeff Zazlow, John Bacon, John Baldoni, Steve Gil and Jim Tobin among others)
  • University of Michigan Faculty (Jane Dutton, Bob Quinn, Kim Cameron, Wayne Baker, Len Middleton, and Gretchen Spreitzer)
  • Two Michigan entrepreneurs of the year (Roger Newton, and Ted Dacko)
  • Non-profit leaders (Cheryl Elliot, Neel Hajra, and Stephanie Blackbun Freeth)
  • Government officials (Governor Snyder).
  • Executives from large corporations such as Blue Cross /Blue Shield, Boeing, Plante Moran, and Thomson Reuters.
  • This list is not exhaustive, as Rob has been honored to host many other distinguished leaders. Check out videos of past events at Leader’s Connect
Upcoming Leaders Connect

Doug Schneider on 
The Risk Paradox: Life Lessons from 102 Amazing Risk-Takers

Friday, October 28, 2022

8:00 AM – 9:30 AM EDT


Doug Schneider, former CEO of Connecture will present his book The Risk Paradox: Life Lessons from 102 Amazing Risk-Takers, October 28, 2022 from 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM.

The Risk Paradox: Life Lessons from 102 Amazing Risk-Takers

By Doug Schneider

Why do some people embrace risk while others avoid it at all costs? How do you know when to take a chance or when to walk away? And what happens after a risk crashes miserably, pays off handsomely, or lands in the muddy middle of life?

The Risk Paradox examines the stories of over one hundred notable risk-takers, in business and life. This unprecedented study provides fascinating, intimate views on risk and its meaning―before, during, and after the plunge. The authors’ research reveals lessons and secrets of those who embrace risk as a part of life, taking us to the heart of the Risk Paradox itself: taking a risk is the least risky thing you can do to live a fulfilling life. 

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