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Are You in the Right Place?

Rob with 2 people + i awareDr. Pasick offers to help individuals and couples evaluate whether they are in the right place on their career path. His Career Checkup process is based on his model of “Finding your Career Sweet Spot”. This consist of answering four key questions:

  1. Are you passionate about what you do?
  2. Are you using your unique talents to the fullest?
  3. Do you get paid enough?
  4. Does the community value what you do?

In Dr. Pasick’s coaching work he has identified the following problems, which have led him to developing this service:

  • We no longer live in a time where people have one job for a lifetime;
  • No job is secure;
  • Over the life cycle, people evolve and change their career interests and desires;
  • In this era of dual careers, people cannot think only about themselves individually, but now have to make decisions which support two careers, and often a family;
  • Rarely are there mentors or supervisors looking out for individual’s career development.

Other Services Offered by Dr. Rob Pasick:

“Executive coaching with Dr. Rob has helped me gain insights on my passions and joy. Through job changes and promotions, his mentoring helped me to strike and maintain life/work balance. Dr. Rob worked with me to challenge and overcome some long-held beliefs, allowing me more success with family and work.”
Robert F. McCurdy, MD
Envision Healthcare
Rob Pasick speaking w/ a Class

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