Conflict Resolution

Is Conflict Derailing Your Team?

One of the most common themes Rob sees with organizations is how conflicts between team members can destroy the company’s ability to work successfully together on a mission. Conflict can be between CEOs and COOs, between founders and board members, and between the technical side and the sales / marketing side of the business. Rob’s methodologies enable teams to resolve their conflicts with his unique ability to raise awareness on what is good for the overall organization, over personal feelings.

It’s always amazing to Rob how the power of conflict resolution can put a business back on track, after it is close to failure due to the conflict between key team members.

Other Services Offered by Dr. Rob Pasick:

“Rob’s expertise as an executive coach has been highly valuable to me and our organization over the past several years. His approach is straightforward, practical, and effective. Rob’s depth of knowledge is remarkable. Aside from his personal advice, I have been able to tap into the enormous network he has cultivated over many years throughout southeastern Michigan and beyond. The Leaders Connect group meetings he has been running for about 20 years are consistently engaging and highly informative.”
Dr. Bob Merion
Arbor Research

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