Executive Coaching Services

How Dr. Pasick Helps Organizations

  • Executive Coaching for Individual Leaders
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Assessing Talent
  • Assessing Job Candidates
  • Career Coaching
  • Crisis Management
  • Culture Assessment

My Approach

My approach to executive coaching is based on over 30 years of experience as a Harvard-trained psychologist. Throughout my career, I have been a pioneer in the development of cognitive behavioral therapy, emotional intelligence, men in therapy, positive psychology, and family system therapy.

I have learned about organizations and businesses through teaching at the Ross School of Business, where I have been a team coach to over 100 teams of MBA students who were doing international action projects. At the University of Michigan, I also coached several hundred executives who were participating in executive education programs.

My specialty is working with new presidents and CEOs who are building new companies or taking over well-established organizations. I have helped executives work with aligning their teams to execute on strategy. My clients come from many segments, in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds. These include banking, biotech, health insurance, financial services, economic development, healthcare, and higher education.


Self Aware: A Guide for Success in Work and Life

In over 45 years as a practicing psychologist, social entrepreneur, and professor, I have learned that emotional intelligence is the key to success in work and in life. I also know that becoming more self-aware is the key to developing strong emotional intelligence. I have taught, coached, and counseled people on how to become more self-aware and how to develop their social-emotional competencies. Both activities lead to higher emotional intelligence. This book presents the best practices developed and delivered in my teaching and in my psychology practice. Some of the stories and exercises in this book came from my previous book Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times (2009). I published some of the stories and exercises as articles on my blog at RobPasick.com. Please visit as I will continue to write there. I wrote this book because not everyone who needs this information is here at the University of Michigan to take my class. While it's nice to have a teacher and coach to help you through the process, you can learn a lot by yourself through reading this book and working on its exercises. If you follow the process, you'll end up with a self-made vision for success in both work and life. Furthermore, you will learn to set goals and develop the support that will enable you to make your dreams come true.

The Journal for the Book " Self Aware"

In conjunction with his book, "Self-Aware: A Guide for Success in Work and Life" Dr. Robert Pasick has created this unique journal to use throughout your process of discovering your vision. Designed for young adults, but relevant to any stage of life, the Self-Aware Journal is designed to bring clarity to your short and long term goals. Filled with 90 days of self-discovery pages, you work through the exercises from “Self-Aware: A Guide for Success in Work and Life” and end up with a personal, self-made vision complete with goal setting and support strategies to make your dreams become reality.
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