Dr. Rob’s Monday Morning Coaching tips:
Keep Rewriting Your Story

  • Are you putting as much into your home life as your work life? If not, make adjustments. Get home before the kids are in bed. Spend more time with them on weekends. Dedicate one weekend day just to them.  Pick them up at school.
  • Family life is unpredictable.  If you schedule yourself too fully, there is no real family time left.  Allow for the unexpected.
  • Look around your community.  Is it where you really want to live?  Pick a community that accurately reflects your values.
  • Throughout your life, you’ll have to make adjustments to sustain your health.  Don’t neglect to factor this into your schedule.
  • Your personal center of gravity is all about values. Discuss with the most important people in your life what you want to be your priorities going forward. 


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