Boost Your Resiliency Quotient 

Last week, at my Leaders Connect Breakfast, we were deeply moved and inspired by five peoples’ stories of persevering and battling through cancer. Heather Feldkamp, Steve Sarns, Larry Eiler, Kathy Macdonald, and Jan Hansen each described how they called upon their own inner strength, their own strategy for resiliency to survive. “Resiliency” is the ability to rebound from hardship, difficulty and misfortune, and successfully adapt to adverse situations. Heather, Steve, Larry, Kathy, and Jan each identified specific resiliency strategies to survive.

Those of us who listened to them describe the details of their struggle, found  ourselves imagining how we would face such adversity in our own lives.

Today, consider these 10 resiliency-boosting strategies and ask yourself what would you do to survive if your life was threatened:

  1. Carefully decide what you can control and what you can’t. Focus your energy on those things (including your thoughts) which you can control.
  2. Find a small group of people who are willing and able to support you, and cast off negative people.
  3. Keep perspective on your ultimate goal—to battle, to survive and keep going no matter what the odds.
  4. Remember that there is always another solution, and always have a Plan B.
  5. Keep yourself inspired: read, discuss, pray; do whatever it takes – and look for humor, even when the situation looks bleak.
  6. Remember how you overcame adversity in the past, and draw upon those same strategies.
  7. Acknowledge fear but “do it anyway.” Fear can be a yellow or green light, not always red.
  8. Make the tough decisions, and do not look back.
  9. Be realistically optimistic, but stay grounded in reality.
  10. Communicate the facts, no matter how bleak.









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