Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness Training

Relaxation Approach

The relaxation response is a simple method of meditation which relies upon focusing on a keyword, rather than some secret mantra. Research has shown that it can be as affective as transcendental meditation and helping people to achieve mindfulness and focus in their daily lives.

Mindfulness represented by stacked rocksOne consultant Rob worked with believes learning to meditate is the most valuable skill he can share with his consulting clients. He has research to prove that learning to meditate has a more lasting effect than any other methodology. Rob finds the same to be true; once people begin to meditate, they are happier and more productive. This is a definite benefit that clients gain from working with Rob; new clients are amazed at how fast they can learn the meditation through the relaxation response.

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“Rob Pasick brings unique value as a coach and mentor. His educational background and experiences are valuable and offer different perspectives. I had the pleasure to work with Rob on several projects. He impresses me and my audience with his deep understanding about leadership, managing self, and humility. He quickly understands people and helps them improve in a multitude of ways. If you are a leader trying to seek guidance to grow, I highly recommend Rob Pasick!”
Ivy Lewis
ZL Consulting LLC

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