Here’s what readers and the press are saying about Self-Aware: A Guide for Success in Work and Life.

Press Mentions

In December, 2016, Dr. Rob was interviewed by WEMU’s Linda Barry for her Art & Soul program. You can listen to the eight-minute interview on the WEMU website here: Art & Soul: The Art of Better Living – The Benefits of Self-Awareness.

In January, 2017, Dr. Rob was interviewed by Chris Bourn of MEL Magazine about “How to Know if you Lack Self-Awareness”.

Endorsements for the Book

“When a successful person has 45 years of experience, and chooses to boil all he knows down to the essence, it is wise to pay attention. In this book, one of the most successful coaches I have ever known promises to mentor you into an elevated version of yourself. I think it is a must read.”
–Robert E. Quinn, Author of The Positive Organization

“When Rob Pasick speaks, people listen…and when he writes, people want to read it…and that’s because Rob has a clear mission in mind with all his words…he wants to help people put everything in their lives in perspective, in the proper place.
Self-Aware: A Guide for Success in Work and Life is a book that is clear, concise and easy to understand. It will make a difference in how you balance your professional and personal life and it may make a difference in what you end up doing. I have known Rob for years, and he is a wise and caring and ever so smart man who wants to guide young men and women, helping them to be the best they can be. Rob really cares and puts so much thought into realistic ways to have professional success and personal happiness. This is a book you won’t want to miss!”
–Cheryl Chodun, former TV news reporter, WXYZ, Detroit and Adjunct Professor at Madonna University.

“Rob Pasick did it—this workbook makes his popular university course readily accessible to young professionals. His expertise as an executive coach is translated to early career principles that will serve the reader for decades to come.”
–Michelle Machiele, M.A., Educational Leadership, Teaching Assistant, University of Michigan Ross School of Business, 2015

“When discussing leadership, many people like to focus on understanding external forces: your employees, the state of the market, the work environment. Dr. Rob takes the reader one step back and emphasizes the importance of self-awareness before all else. This is a great guide for those who are trying to better understand themselves as leaders, and those who want to best prepare themselves to become emerging leaders.”
–Haley Mullins, MPH, University of Michigan

“Before taking Dr. Rob’s class, I hadn’t really stopped to think about how my own interests and work-style would fit into my future career. I was caught up in attending recruitment sessions from Fortune 500 companies or whatever companies I thought carried prestige, with little regard for the type of work I was actually interested in…
“Our first topic in Dr. Rob’s class was about self-awareness… [I discovered that] I preferred creative work, often in more of a startup setting. After Dr. Rob’s class, I accepted an analyst position at…a boutique strategy-consulting startup here in Ann Arbor. It never would have occurred to me to pursue a position at such a small company before the class, which would have been a shame because I thoroughly enjoy my work here and couldn’t for the life of me picture doing HR at a large company.
“I have Dr. Rob to thank for pushing me in the right direction and for helping me to find out not what looks good to others, but what fits with me. Everyone would benefit from taking his class!”

“Rob Pasick is a man of deep passion, compassion, and wisdom. Throughout these pages, all three are woven beautifully.”
–Michael H. Samuelson, Author of Beyond Cancer Survival: Living a Life of Thrival

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