Sample from “The Journal for Self-Aware: A        Guide for Success in Work and Life”


Rob Pasick’s Seven Daily Steps to Increase Your Self-Awareness (from my new publication, “The Journal for Self-Aware:  A Guide for Success in Work and Life”


1.  Start your day by considering, “what would make this a great day for me?”

2.  Schedule your appointments for the day with the consideration of what you hope to create and achieve with your time.  After each appointment, record what action step you will take as a result of each meeting.

3.  Identify three, and only three, things to which you will commit to today…and start first with #1.

4.  Record what you are grateful for today.

5.  Do a brief self-awareness exercise, derived from my book, “Self-Aware:  A Guide to Success in Work and Life”, (or from any other book which helps you reflect).

6.  Reflect on what lessons you have learned about yourself during the day.

7.  Lastly, record what you have done today to take good care of yourself in mind, body, and spirit, and what you have done to take care of others and the world you inhabit.

Rob’s new book, The Journal for Self-Aware: A Guide for Success

in Work and Life is live in the Amazon Store. It is available for

readers to purchase here.

Above are two sample pages from the Journal.




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