Leadership in the Arts

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  Consistently, surveys report that Ann Arbor, Michigan, is one of the best places to live in the USA. One factor that contributed substantially to that reputation is the dynamic arts scene in the community.     On October 20th … Read More

What Happened When Jack & Diane Turned 50?

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Remember John Mellencamp’s “Little ditty ’bout Jack and Diane, two American kids growing up in the heartland”?  In the song, written in 1982, as teenagers, Jack and Diane are having some fun. But Mellencamp sees trouble ahead: “Holding on to sixteen as long … Read More

Seven Daily Steps To Increase Your Self-Awareness

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  Rob Pasick’s Seven Daily Steps to Increase Your Self-Awareness (from my new publication, “The Journal for Self-Aware:  A Guide for Success in Work and Life” https://www.amazon.com/dp/1549672517?ref_=pe_870760_150889320:   1.  Start your day by considering, “what would make this a great day for … Read More

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