Dr. Rob: I Will Always Remember

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  I will always remember September 11, 2001. I will always remember receiving the call from my wife that morning, saying that a plane had hit the towers. I will always remember driving home, trying to grasp the enormity of the … Read More

Who You Gonna Call?

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When U of M running star, Vince Smith, started his nonprofit, Team Gardens (www.teamgardens.org), he not only put “team” in the name, but also partnered with marketing pro, Sonya Sutherland, and several NFL friends from his home town, Pahokee, Florida. … Read More


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Last week I asked my readers of this blog to share some one-line suggestions  for increasing one’s self awareness. My purpose is to get ideas of prompts to include in a journal on self-awareness.  The journal will be used in … Read More

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