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Recognize Your Blind Spots
Research shows that often it’s not what we see but what we fail to see that causes us to self-destruct. So it’s really important to become aware of our blind spots.

  • Are you a perfectionist who can never admit your failings?
  • Do you teeter constantly on the brink of burnout because you overdo everything?
  • Are you so power-hungry that you’d fire your mom to win points with the boss?
  • Do you micromanage people (even your family) to the point where they’d seriously like to do you bodily harm?


  • Poll people who have known you for a long time and ask them to help you identify your blind spots.
  • Be aware of the self-defeating patterns that can be triggered by blind spots. Teach yourself to let go.
  • Once you are aware of your blind spots, keep them in mind as you make decisions and interact with others. Ask: Is there any aspect of this where I am giving in to a blind spot?
  • Recognize that you will never please everyone all of the time. Don’t spend hours worrying about what never will be.
  • Give yourself permission to be imperfect.


Feedback Please

  1. How do you like this title for my new E-book which I will be using for my students & coaching clients?
    • Self Awareness and Emotional Intelligence: Dr. Rob’s Workbook for Success in Career and Life.
  2. What are your blind spots?  Please read the following and give me your feedback on what you see as your own blind spots.

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