Ten Steps to Setting Goals Which Are Right for You

  1. Discover your strengths.
  2. Uncover your passions.
  3. Understand your personality…and recognize your blind spots.
  4. Learn how you manage your energy and your body.
  5. Become mindful of your own mind.
  6. Based on your family and your experience, learn how you relate to others.
  7. Define your mission and core values.
  8. Clarify your lifestyle values.
  9. Create your vision for success in work and life.
  10. Discover your career sweet spot.

After going through these ten steps, you are finally ready to create the right goals for you: goals that will lead you to a life truly worth living.

Next week I will describe the process for setting these goals. To learn more about this ten step process, read self-aware.
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