My favorite graduation speech is not actually a speech at all. It is a delightful book written by Dr. Seuss when he was 87. It’s entitled: Oh, the Places You Will Go.

Although I’m not yet 87, and I am never going to be as wise as Dr. Seuss, I’d like to share a few lines I’ve written as advice for graduates on another very topic.

Oy, The People You Will Meet.

Congratulations, today is your graduation day, Over the next few years you’ll meet some fascinating people along the way.
Happy or sad you can choose to be,
It’s the quality of the relationships that will set you free,

Some people will be interesting,
Some will be nice
Some will treat you cold as ice.

Some people you’ll meet will love to compete,
Don’t be scared!
It’s them you can defeat.

Some will become friends
You can learn to get along great
Nothing better than to collaborate.

Some will have so many ideas
They will drive you nuts.
Others will cherish the rules
And refuse to accept any
“Ifs, ands, or buts.”

So get out there and meet every type!
But beware of the ones with too much hype
Or blame you for their lousy state,
Or want to get high with you on the very first date.

Or dare you to do things, cause “you’ll never get caught”
Or shame you and make feel like toxic waste…
You get the point, the ones who leave you with a bad taste.

So next time you’re in a coffee shop or bar,
Put your damn phone down and look around
Say “Hello!” with a smile
Your future best bud might have just walked in from afar.

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