Maya Angelou


My friend Carol Sarosik shared a video last week of Maya Angelou’s January 2011 appearance on Oprah’s Master Class.  In it she talked about being grateful for all the rainbows in her life and the importance of being a rainbow in somebody’s cloud.  She said that when she went onstage, taught, or faced any difficult situation she brought with her the people “who had been rainbows in her clouds.”  These people, living or dead, black or white, straight or gay, provide her the support she needed to get through the troubling, scary moments of life.  Although Maya Angelou left our physical world in 2014 after 86 wonderfully insightful years, her words of wisdom remain to inspire us.

After viewing the clip, on Facebook I thanked Carol, whom I have known since high school, for being one of my rainbows for so many years.  Her response was so classic Carol: “holy shitkas. Never thought that.  When are you coming to visit?”

So today, I ask you to do the following:
  • Take two minutes to look at this incredible video.
  • Think about who are the rainbows in your life.
  • Pass on the video and thank them for being your rainbow.
  • Think about who may need you today to be a rainbow in their cloud…and reach out to them.

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