Dr. Robert Pasick has been practicing in the Ann Arbor area as a Clinical & Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach since he earned his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1975.

He is the author of six books, and has appeared on “Oprah” and “The Today Show.” He is the founder and host of Leaders Connect, which provides monthly Leaders Connect Breakfast meetings and Leadership Roundtables to the community.

Screenshot from video
Rob’s talk on Emotional Intelligence hosted by the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (link to YouTube)

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  • Ken Fischer interview at Leaders Connect Ken Fischer: Impresario, Mentor and Mensch - Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Ken Fischer at Leaders Connect. He shared some stories and leadership lessons. Thanks to Roger Rayle, the entire interview is available on YouTube. You could also read an interview with Ken from the magazine … Read More

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